I’ve now followed most of the people who were following me (with the exception of a few who haven’t updated in a while). If I missed you and you still don’t know my new URL and want it, just shoot me a message here and I’ll give it to you.

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Okay, I don’t deserve to feel safe in online spaces. Yeah okay. Cool. Thanks for letting me know.

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I feel like I’m going to vomit. This week has been so awful and now on top of all of this, I’m being made to feel like the asshole in the situation and being called a liar.

I’ll follow the rest of you tomorrow. I’m sorry this is such a hassle.

posted 1 year ago on 5 October 2012

Wow, I really enjoy being called a liar. For the record, I never said all the messages I received were death threats. The messages I got ranged from death threats to “I hope you die” and other generally rude and very crude things. But I really like being called a liar or told that I made it up to get sympathy.

If there’s one thing I have never given one tiny fuck about, it’s stepping on people’s toes when I tag things. The evidence of that is on lizlangdon’s blog. So if you think that I’m just making loads of things up because I really just want sympathy, just fuck you, okay? Fuck you. If I wanted to through the hassle of switching my blog for no reason, I would’ve just said “Oh, hey, guys, I’m switching my blog.”

But I wouldn’t make up some fucking story about receiving messages like that if it hadn’t happened. Because things like this happen way too often to people and it ends in them committing suicide or other various things and to make up a story like that would be incredibly disrespectful and rude.

For the record, I’ve deleted all of the messages I received this morning and am going to continue to delete any messages I receive regarding this subject, especially if you’re going to call me a liar or tell me I made this all up so I can get some sympathy from people. Anonymous is now turned off because if you don’t have the balls to say it without going on anon, then just don’t say it.

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So tumblr has a super dumb limit on how many people you can follow a day, so if you haven’t received a message with my new blog URL or I haven’t followed you yet, I definitely will tomorrow as I still have about 65 people left to contact. Sorry!

I’ll answer more messages on this blog today but I won’t be posting anything like I usually do.

posted 1 year ago on 5 October 2012

re: blog change

So, what it’s looking like right now is that I’m going to have to change blogs because I’m getting continuous death threats, people telling me they hope I die, and generally rude messages. I can’t simply switch off anonymous as some of them aren’t anons and changing my URL wouldn’t help in this case since an argument via askbox with some petulant child resulted in her posting my messages on her blog where my URL change would be seen.

Rather than try to block and report everyone, I’m just going to start a new blog with one of the URLs I’d previously saved. And, rather than post that URL here (because that would be dumb considering the situation), I’m going to follow those people that follow me and try to let as many people as possible know that that is me. Just so you know, I’m keeping my theme and such the same on my blog so that you’ll know it’s me. I’m really sorry if I’m confusing anybody but this is ridiculous and I have enough to deal with and I’m just going to put a stop to it right now.

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re: death threats (how nice of you all)

Are you fucking serious? Are you honestly fucking serious? I am so done. SO fucking done. I just deleted all of the stuff that I posted last night because I don’t want to deal with getting fucking DEATH THREATS anymore. Wow. I literally cannot get my head around what would possess various people to threaten me with death or tell me they hope I die because I said someone was unattractive and happened to tag it and that’s “against tumblr etiquette.” Really? Is it? Because that’s not even a fucking thing and that is so beyond fucked up that you would send someone you’ve never met in your entire fucking life death threats and rude messages.

I hope you all are proud of yourselves. You’re so goddamn cool.

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i basically burst into tears because this week has been so emotionally exhausting for me and my roommates came to check on me which was really sweet and they made me laugh so that was nice

i think i’m going to go find an episode of family guy to cheer me up so i don’t have to go to bed feeling so sad

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this week has left me feeling like i’m suffocating

it sucks

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this is nadia

i like to call her bambi and/or wifey

she is fabulous

over the last week or so she’s been having a rough time

and that doesn’t fly with me because she deserves all the happiness EVER

so i wanted to make this post to let you all know

that i would very likely not be here without her

she has been there for me through everything for four years

and how she puts up with me i don’t know

so i just wanted to make my love and adoration for her public

because she is one of my best friends in the entire universe and i love her so very very much

you all needed to know this

the end

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